Volopay vs Western Union
Western union allows you to process remittance for your transactions, but with Volopay you can spend, track, and get better visibility on a single platform, with lower FX rate.
What are you missing on with Western Union
How much do you pay with Western Union?
At Volopay, we charge zero foreign transaction fees, and any FX Transaction made through our card will cost somewhere between 0.6-1%. For Western Union, this rate is around 3%. So you save more with Volopay cards!
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Do you earn cashback while you spend with Western Union?
Currently, Volopay users are entitled to 1% straight cashback, with no upper cap, on spends you make on our platform. So you save a little more with every spend you make through our cards!
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Support &
On boarding
We will help you setup and onboard the entire process in a small time, and being a Singapore company, we understand the needs of SG businesses better than anyone.
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Volopay vs Western Union

Western Union
Free Forever
FX Transaction rate
< 1%
Unlimited corporate cards
Fraud detection
Budgeting and control
Cashback and rewards on spends
Why Volopay is a better alternative to Western Union
Unlimited cards for every employee
YES! At Volopay you can have unlimited virtual cards, to serve for your different payment and subscription requirements. This reduces the burden of managing different expenses using a single card.
Load in USD and spend in USD
With Volopay you can load funds in USD and spend in USD, so no worries about any intermediatory charges like bank fees and conversion fees.
Accounting integrations
Volopay expense management solutions can be configured with various accounting software including XERO, QUICKBOOKS, and NETSUITE. This integration works better than what Western Union can offer.
Reinvent the way your company spends
Issue individual cards to every employee, and release or restrict funds in real-time, integrate with major accounting software and let automation do the reports for you!
Allot physical and virtual cards
With Volopay, you can distribute employees their own individual Volopay cards. You can create temporary virtual cards to feed certain timely projects.
Track your money in real-time
You get real-time insights whenever a spend is incurred, thus increasing transparency into your business expenses. Plus, now you never have to process reimbursements.
Configure and set budgets
Create specific budgets according to the card holder and requirements. Whatever be the requirements, set budgets for individual tasks or group tasks!
Just save more!
With lowest transaction rates, and rewards and cashback on every spend on your Volopay cards, you just save a lot more than before!
Subscription Management
With Volopay, you get the flexibility of managing all your recurring payments for online subscriptions, and that too on a single dashboard!
Seamless financial integrations
When it's time to reconcile and report expenses, Volopay integrates smoothly with your accounting tools to keep your books up to date and accurate.
Streamline bill payments
Pay your domestic & international bills faster With Volopay cards, plus you get to save more on FX Transactions!
Mobile application
Volopay app is intuitive—even beautiful—by design, with a user-friendly interface. And it functions the same, no matter the device.
Volopay is completely free
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