Take control of your company's travel spending
Book work trips, track employee expenses on the road and automate expense reports.
Scalable travel management tools
Spend easily on the road
Employees use prepaid Volopay cards to pay for everything you need on the road. These work just like normal credit cards, but with have defined spending limits set by the finance team.
Book work trips quickly
Pay for flights, trains and accommodation online with unique virtual cards. Request approval from management and book securely on any website.
Volopay travel spending benefits
Dedicated payment methods
We provide specific payments for every type of spend that are assigned to a user and budget for easier tracking and reporting
Defined spending policies
Learning the company travel policy is tough. With Volopay, finance teams set approval and spending limits automatically, so employees don't have to worry
Your preferred vendors
Volopay works for any travel booking, including sites like AirBnb, Booking.com and SkyScanner, plus taxis like Uber and Grab
No more expense reports
The Volopay mobile app conveniently captures receipts to eliminate the need for a time-consuming expense report.
Virtual cards keep you in control
Single-use virtual cards are safer for online purchases with a unique card number for each payment. Any user can request a virtual card in just a few clicks.
Explore ways to use Volopay
Effortless subscription
Save time and money by managing all your subscriptions in one place. Pause or delete a card at any time, and stop paying for your past employees' subscriptions!
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