Virtual cards for online payments
Manage all your company subscriptions and online purchases with specific recurring or burner virtual cards.
Powering some of the most exciting companies in Singapore
Powering some of the most exciting companies
Powering some of the most exciting companies
Recurring payments
Burner cards
Earn cashback
Control for money
Create and assign virtual cards for specific online subscriptions that happen on a timely basis.
Create virtual cards for specific one-time payments and dispose them whenever you want.
Win cash back with every spend you make through your physical or virtual Volopay cards.
Limit by department, budget, employee, team, project, and avoid any excess spend in your company.
Recurring card for subscriptions
With recurring virtual cards, you don't need to manually pay for your subscriptions at the end of every month. Just assign recurring payment cards to the subscription, and let the cards do the payments while the software does
the reports.
Burner cards for payments
With Volopay you get the flexibility to create unlimited one-time burner/disposable cards for specific payments. You can manually set the expiration date for the burner card based on your requirements.
Reconcile all your expenses
Volopay integrates beautifully with the accounting software you use daily, so all your virtual card expenses sit automatically into your accounting software.
The integration of Volopay and Xero has helped streamline our bookkeeping processes and we no longer need to rely on our external bookkeeper to keep the records straight. Her freed up time can then be reassigned to other higher-value job tasks
Radek JezberaPartner
Black pine
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