Everything your finance team would ever need
Replace spreadsheets and reports with an expense creation flow, approval process, automate accounting and close books faster.

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Real time spend tracking
With smart corporate cards for your employees, you get to track every dollar that leaves your company and your employees get the independency they'd love.
Automatic accounting
Volopay integrates beautifully with the accounting software you use, and with just one click all your expenses sit into your accounting software.
Transfer money worldwide
Transfer money worldwide to your vendors with the cheapest imaginable rates and get upto 2% cashback on your FX transactions.
"The integration of Volopay and Xero has helped streamline our bookkeeping processes and we no longer need to rely on our external bookkeeper to keep the records straight. Her freed up time can then be reassigned to other higher-value job tasks"
Szehui Tham
People Manager, Nimbus
Spend control
Unified spend management solution
Volopay combines approvals, corporate cards, bill payments, expense reimbursements and accounting automation into one single platform for seamless AP automation.
Virtual card
Physical card
Bill payments
Choose a better way to spend at work.