The best business credit cards in Singapore

Get your business smart credit cards and equip your employees with their individual payment cards while you set budgets and track spending in real-time.
Trusted by finance teams from startups to enterprises.
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Individual business credit cards for your team

With individual business VISA payment cards for your employees, they get the independence to spend while you track every expense as it happens.
Equip your employees with their individual credit cards, which have custom spending policies and caps set by you.
Get the "when and where" of your company's expenses, and receive instant notifications whenever company money is being spent.
Get up to 100K credit line on your corporate cards without any personal guarantee.

Instant virtual cards for online payments

Generate instant virtual cards for your business, and make online payments, and manage subscriptions from one place
Create either burner (one-time) or recurring cards, and manage all your subscriptions from a single place.
Avoid hassles of sharing of company cards for online payments, and switch to the safest way to pay online. Block/freeze cards in just a few clicks.
Generate unlimited virtual cards for specific online payments, and pay seamlessly without compromising control.

Automated accounting, almost magical

Volopay syncs beautifully with the accounting software you use daily. Just with a few clicks, and all your expenses sit into your accounting software.
Sync all your expenses into the accounting software you use daily, including Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc.
Get exclusive partner benefits for all the major accounting software through your Volopay business account.
With automatic reconciliation, never miss on a single expense in your company.
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Frequently asked questions
Why switch to Volopay business credit cards?
Volopay cards are the best way to manage all your business expenses as you can set budgets in each card thus allowing you to have extra flexibility and authority over your business' budgets.
Plus you can track all the expense in real-time, giving you an extra layer of security and transparency on all your business expesnes.
How to get Volopay business credit cards?
Just sign up on our platform and our customer team will get you onboarded quickly. After a few document verification, you are instantly eligible to avail our business credit cards.
What is the cashback on Volopay cards?
With Volopay you get up to 2% cashback on all FX card spend including online hosting, subscriptions, and travel expenses. There is no cap on the cashback and it is credited to your card balance. "So you could earn back more than you pay us each month".
What are the pricing plans to get Volopay?
There are various plans based on your company size and requirements. But Volopay starts with $5/User/Month. We also offer free trial period of up to 2 Months.
How to reconcile the expenses in accounting software?
All your expenses sit directly into the accounting software you use daily, with just a few verification clicks and checks you would be able to sync your transactions easily
Card & Credit with Ultimate Benefits
Swipe to Book
Eliminates the need of expense report and gives you control over spending
Build your Credit
Based on your payment behavior and pattern, it auto increases your credit limits
Virtual cards
Helps build unlimited virtual cards for payments & implement budgets in a better way
Bank grade security
Highest encryption level as per bank standards, so rest assured, your funds are safe at Volopay
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