A modern approach to company spending
Intuitive software and cards designed together for the way businesses actually work.
How it works
Setup is easy
Simply create an account and add funds.
Create a budget
Create a budget for any team, project or event and allocate funds
Customize controls
The finance team sets approval spending policies and expense limits
Invite your teams.
Managers control the budget and approve their team's expenses.
Start spending
Flexible payment methods make it easy to pay online & on the go.
Admin is on autopilot.
Notifications, receipt reminders & payment categorisation are handled automatically.
Grab a coffee & breathe easy.
You can see where all the money goes in real time.
Virtual cards keep you in control
Single-use virtual cards are safer for online purchases with a unique card number for each payment. Any user can request a virtual card in just a few clicks.
The smart way to pay at work
Effortless subscription
Save time and money by managing all your subscriptions in one place. Pause or delete a card at any time, and stop paying for your past employees' subscriptions!
Expense reports on autopilot
We'd like to completely remove expense reports altogether, but instead, we're making them as easy as possible. Simply upload a picture of your receipt and we'll auto-match the category and budget.
Budgets, but way better.
Easily set up budgets to manage all of your spending. Budgets can be set by teams, projects, events, or any other way you want to track your spending.
Smart cards for travel
We provide Visa cards for employees to pay for their offline expenses. Simply set individual budgets, and we'll chase after the receipts for you.
Works for the whole company
Assign cards to employees with custom set spending limits, so you can always stay on budget.
All company spending can be accessed in real-time and synced with your accounting system.
Instead of paying out of pocket, use your own Volopay plastic or virtual card for all company related purchases.
Volopay features and benefits
Quick Onboarding
Load money into volopay and get going in matter of minutes
Smart Corporate Cards
Give virtual and physical payment cards to employees
Mobile App
Conveniently upload receipts and track payments on the go
Can be setup as per team, projects etc. to track expenses
Spending Limits
Define custom rights and limitations for each employee
Access and manage company subscriptions at a glance
Real-time Dashboard
Stay on top of all the company spending in real-time
Fraud Detection
Detect suspicious purchases when they happen.
Accounting Integration
Avoid repetitive data entry with a one-click custom export
Switch to smart, trackable spending