Tailored plans for your organization needs.
Empower your team and save more with Volopay
For companies who spend up to 100,000 SGD each month on corporate cards with unlimited bill payments.
Unlimited virtual cards
Analytics and report
Email alerts
Dedicated account manager
Great cashback
Xero, QuickBooks
Unlimited employees
Unlimited transactions
50 Physical cards
Free implementation
Xero, QuickBooks, Net suite
Priority support and unlimited on boarding sessions
Perfect for companies with less than 5,000 SGD of total spend and up to 5 bill payments each month.
Upto 5 physical cards
Upto 10 virtual cards
Xero, QuickBooks
20 Physical cards
Self guided + 30 min onboarding session from experts
Good cashback
Extremely great cashback
Unlimited virtual cards
Save with every spend in Volopay
Volopay offers various ways to save money for your company with cashback on FX charges to high savings on cross border bill pay.
Save on FX charges
Save FX charges
Great Cash back
Pay overseas cheaper.
No more bank fees.
Cashback on FX transactions
Swipe Volopay cards or make online payments in any foreign currency and earn great cashback.
Send money at low fees
Save on hidden fees and rubbish rates when you exchange or send money to foreign countries
Trusted by finance teams of all sizes
How Lynx analytics found Volopay to fit the needs that the banks couldn't.
Lynx Analytics
How Black Pine streamlined their expense management with Volopay.
Black Pine Consulting
How Nimbus uses Volopay to enforce a healthy spending culture.
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