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Let your employees claim easily by clicking the receipt and submitting it for review. You, and your spenders, can manage out-of-pocket expenses alongside card spend in one place.
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Volopay is a purpose-built spend management platform that helps you escape painful admin work, lack of control, and blinkered visibility. We bring together everything that's required to make payments for a business easier and faster. Control everything from employee spends, tracking expenses, approvals to automated reportings.

Consolidate out-of-pocket expenses

No more out-of-budget expenses. Reimbursements for incidentals, cash, mileage, and others are tracked against budgets with real-time updates. A single dashboard for seamless reimbursements.

Instant reimbursements

Smooth integration

Simply add your employee bank details and pay directly to the bank accounts, with just one click.
Sync the reimbursements to your accounting software and reduce expense-processing costs.
We use virtual cards to manage all our marketing and SaaS spends. We now have better visibility and control, while earning 2% cashback.
Mitul Doshi, President Finance & ops - Invideo
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Exhaustive expense claim system

From travel expenses to office supplies, access all submissions, validate claims, and maintain expense reports in a single place. Manage daily expenses without having to use a dedicated software that increases efficiency and saves time.

Employee reimbursements

Go paperless

Seamlessly reimburse employees for expenses they personally incurred. Employees no longer need to wait till the end of the month.
Go completely digital. Avoid losing expense receipts by just taking the picture and uploading them to the expense records on the go.

Volopay has added a new dimension to the way we make payments to vendors, and the FX fees are so low.
Jeanie Devi, Accountant, Dathena Science

Total visibility. Total control.

Visibility : Every expense claim and reimbursement is visible to the employee and the company admin. Get real-time updates and avoid delay in reimbursement.
Control : Decentralize spend control, define approval workflows, make strategic budgets and budget owners, approve fund requests in real-time.
Volopay has helped to ease our expense approval process and has provided us with better spend visibility and accountability.
Li Lee, Finance Manager, Lynx Analytics

Create policies.
Prevent fraud.

Create expense policies. Prevent needless and dishonest claims by creating a custom employee expense reimbursement policy.
Curb fraudulent practices. Keep a tab on travel and other expenses using precise data and find out where your money is being spent.

Volopay helps us reduce time, effort and cost in expense management, and give us generous cashback.
Jimmy Lee, Director of Finance, Beam Mobility
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Automated Accounting. Almost magical

Volopay syncs beautifully with the accounting software you use daily. Use custom checks for each expense to prepare and sort transactions, verify information, and export to your accounting software.
Interfaces seamlessly with the accounting system and reduces manual bookeeping.
Szehui Tham, People Manager, Nimbus
Why choose Volopay over Expensify

You are here because Expensify doesn't offer exactly what you are looking for. Check why Volopay's expense management solution is a much better alternative to Expensify.


Free Forever
Automated Accounting
Fraud Detection
Budgeting & control
Seamless Approval Flow
Instant Reimbursements
Custom expense policy
User friendly UI
Automated expense reports
24*7 Customer support
Custom integrations
Expense reimbursement

Financial stack for business

Accounting automation
Accurate and efficient organization of expenses processing.
Custom integrations
Sync with your accounting and HR software and reduce human intervention.
Receipt processing
Automatically process and categorise receipts based on the expense policies.
Automate approval workflow
Create separate workflows for automatic approval or rejection of expense reports.
Control expense theft
Detect and flag duplicate entries, policy violations, and fake receipts automatically.
Click and submit receipts on the go. Now claim and get reimbursed in just a few clicks.
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