Smart expense management for modern businesses
Volopay combines seamless expense management software with corporate cards, so you never have to process another expense report.
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Volopay Savings is your virtual CFO that is focused on helping you cut costs, reduce wasteful spend and prevent fraud.
Cards built for savings.
Are you paying too much for software?
Are you missing out on cash back?
Are the receipts duplicated/matching?
Is GST applied to the expense?
Unlimited cards. Zero fees forever.
Earn rewards and cashback on every spend
~6x cheaper than bank cards for FX transactions
~2.5% spend reduction with Volopay Savings
Advanced spend controls & accounting integrations
Powered by MasterCard with built in protection
Get business Mastercards for your employees to spend efficiently and avoid sharing of cards
Empower your team
Team spending made smarter
Get money out to your team in seconds with send and request. It's like PayLah for your business.
Send & request
Your employees can now spend money with their Volopay card and upload receipts online on the go
No more reimbursements
See expenses real-time, set custom spending limit per card, and get notified when expenses are made.
Control the spending
Volopay syncs with Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite, and other accounting software in real-time
Save 12 hours/week
No more manual bookkeeping
Budget the way your company spends. Manage and assign budgets to groups or individuals
Smarter budgets
Notifies employees to attach receipt photos and notes of transactions on mobile app & Whatsapp
No more chasing receipts
Volopay's AI technolgoy audits every expense in real time to spot GST savings, errors, waste, and fraud
AI to detect savings & fraud
Issue physical and virtual cards with limits for your team with a click of a button
Catch receipts with an app instantly, on-the-go. No more reporting expenses
See company spending in one place as it happens and sync to accounting system
Smart corporate card
Spending overview
Automated expenses
The all-in-one expense management software
Stay on top of company spending
Finally, you can have better control over all spending, go fully paperless and make your employees happier.

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Give your teams payment cards
Give independence to your team while you still keep the control of their expenses! Forget about the expenses receipts: a picture is enough. You can also set payment and withdrawals limits for all the cards in your teams.
Fix limits and roles for your team members
Give a specific access to your teams according to their role in your company: full access for the managers, limited for other team members.
Visualize your teams' expenses in real-time
Give autonomy to your teams independent while you still have control of their expenses in real time. You can also approve their transfer requests!
Effortless expense management
Prepaid company cards
Give all staff smart payment cards with built-in budgets and rules.
Real-time tracking
See company-wide spending in real time, in one place
Simplified reporting
Capture receipts on the spot with the mobile app.
Close your books. Fast.
It's easy to reconcile your spend with powerful accounting integrations, smart category mapping and custom rules
Once approved, you can use your virtual card right away. You'll receive physical cards in 3-5 days. Easy to start, easy to scale.
Say hello to your dedicated support team ready to help. Think of us as an extension of your team — only a chat, email or call away.
You're never liable for unauthorized transactions. We keep your account secure with 24/7 fraud monitoring, ID Theft and Purchase Protection.
Get started in 5 minutes
Advanced fraud protection
Real, helpful humans
Spend with no FX fees and get the best rates in over 150+ currencies
Say NO to FX fees
Earn rewards as you spend on the cards
Withdraw money from ATMs across the world
~6x cheaper than bank cards for FX transactions
Stop paying banks 3-4% fees for USD, EUR payments
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Volopay is completely free
That's right, our platform is completely free for you and all your employees forever. No catch.
Switch to smart, trackable spending