Customer story
Learn How Black Pine streamlined their expense management with Volopay.
The Challenge

  • Managing travel spending: Blackpine team used to issue advance payments for business trips to their employees. But still, the expenses that were made remained vague for the managers.
  • Accounting of expenses: The travel expenses that were incurred by the employees lacked a systematic approach that could have been suitable for accounting purposes. Issues such as overspending or even underspending could not be addressed with their former practices of managing expenses.
The Solution

"I have been looking for payment cards for our employees recently. Volopay was one of the companies to offer such a service for small businesses".

Redek Jezbra
The Black Pine team was lacking hyper-personalized spending cards that could be used by every employee. Black Pine started using Volopay in February and immediately distributed physical and virtual cards to all its employees.

Employees now made all their expenses via Volopay cards and managers get a complete track of where, why, and by whom the money is spent.

This fixed the spending loopholes that were once associated with their travel expenses, and accounting was made easier like never before.

  • Employee independence: After switching to Volopay, employees now have a better understanding of how they are supposed to spend, because of the pre-existing budgets set on the cards by the managers. Plus they have the greater independence of making a purchase whenever required, and the spendings are even more secure than ever before.

  • Ease in Accounting: The accounting procedures post-travel expenses were made easier as Volopay can be configured with major accounting software. This added an extra layer of ease and comfort in their expense management procedures.
The Result

What Volopay provided Blackpine
Payment cards
Physical and virtual cards for all the employees, therefore they spend and you track in real-time
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us at the weekends and at night.
Accounting integrations
Automate financial practices, by configuring with major accounting software.
Receipt matching
Classification and matching of receipts as you pay. So now no hunting for missing receipts!
Intuitive Dashboard
An user-friendly and intuitive dashboard to track all your employee expenses in real-time.
Quick Onboarding
Sign up in minutes and shift all your business expenses to Volopay in just a few hours.
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