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Bhavani Vishweshwar
CFO, Crayon Data
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Episode #1, August 12th, 2020

Listen to the first podcast episode of The CFO Masterclass series featuring Bhavani Vishweshwar, CFO of Crayon Data. Bhavani, will share with us some of her early career learnings and challenges she faced during her professional life and also some key personal experiences that helped through the journey of becoming who she is today as a successful CFO.

The CFO Masterclass
Ever imagined what it would be like to be mentored by a successful leader who comes with several years of professional work experience and can offer the best tips to your career journey? The CFO Masterclass brings together successful C-level executives and aspiring finance individuals to be part of a shared forum, where primary talks in the session is based on tips for a successful career growth, skill enhancement opportunitities, leadership ideas, organisational development, etc.
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