Stop overpaying on unnecessary FX exchange rates with conventional business banking

With a Volopay multi-currency business account you can hold money in different currencies, thus saving you from unnecessary conversions. Avoid the hassles of lengthy paperwork and sign up for Australia's smartest business account.
Trusted by finance teams from startups to enterprises.
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Multi-currency global account

Open a multi-currency account online and hold money in different currencies. Send and accept payments faster with your Volopay account.
With a Volopay business account you can hold money into 11 different currencies including USD, EURO, SGD. etc
With our global account, you can hold and spend in the same currency. Thus saving you from unnecessary conversions.
Avoid the hassles of lengthy paperwork and open your Volopay business account in minutes.

Money transfers- faster and cheaper

Save on subscriptions in foreign currencies and overseas business payments. Get the best FX exchange rates with a Volopay business account.
Transfer money to your vendors worldwide, with the cheapest imaginable FX transaction rates.
Send money faster, both domestically and internationally, with multiple payment channels on Volopay.
Make payments in more than 23 currencies across 130 plus countries around the globe.

Automated accounting, almost magical

Volopay syncs beautifully with the accounting software you use daily. Just with a few clicks, all your expenses sit into your accounting software.
Sync all your expenses into the accounting software you use daily, including Xero, Quickbooks, Netsuite, etc.
Get exclusive partner benefits for all the major accounting software through your Volopay business account.
With automatic reconciliation, never miss on a single expense in your company.

Volopay vs WESTPAC Business Account - A Snapshot

Hold and spend money in 11+ currencies
Low FX rates
Unlimited smart corporate cards for you and your team
Expense management software
Real-time spend tracking within your business
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Frequently asked questions
What is the eligibility to open a Volopay business account?
Any business that is incorporated in Australia can open a Volopay business account, and avail all the features associated with it.
What is the cost of opening a Volopay account in Australia?
Volopay typically starts with a very affordable price of $5 per user per month.
Are there any extra charges for the expense management software and virtual cards?
No, there are no additional fees for using the expense management software, and it comes bundled with your Volopay business bank account. Plus, you can as many virtual cards as your business may require, for free.
What is the cashback associated with the Volopay account?
With Volopay you get up to 2% cashback on all FX card spend including online hosting, subscriptions, and travel expenses. There is no cap on the cashback and it is credited to your card balance. "So you could earn back more than you pay us each month".
How to avail business credit from Volopay?
After onboarding, you can either use Volopay as a debit account or avail credit for your business operations. The amount is based on the credit scoring done within Volopay.
Business with confidence
At Volopay, our operational partners are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) under an Australian Financial Services Licence.
Your funds are safe with Volopay
Security and Privacy
Your funds are kept in an ANZ bank account which is in compliance with the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) guidelines.
We use bank-grade security encryption and access protocols. Customer privacy is one of our core values and your data is highly secured with us.
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We are proud to be supported by world's leading investors, founders and senior leadership of world's leading companies.
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