Volopay vs Expensify

Volopay is the best replacement for Expensify in 2021! With corporate cards for everyone, cheaper money transfer rates, accounting automation, and cashback up to 2%, Volopay covers all your business expenses!

What are you missing on with Expensify

Volopay is a one-stop solution that helps you to automate your accounts payable by combining corporate cards, money transfers, and accounting automation. With Expensify, you miss on corporate cards, cashback, budgeting, real-time tracking, and cheap FX rates.

Does Expensify offers you cashback?

With Volopay, you can earn cashback on all your domestic and international transactions. We give flat 2% cashback when making FX transactions related to subscriptions, hosting and international payments etc which is redeemable, unlike Expensify.

Subscription Management with Virtual Cards

Volopay offers virtual Visa cards in addition to the physical cards unlike Expensify which only offers the latter. Create unlimited virtual cards and manage all your online payments with great transparency. You can customize every control on the virtual cards as per your need.

Credit line upto 500K on your Volopay cards

We offer an in-house credit line with no interest fees which allows you to save a lot more as compared to 3rd party credit lines which charge high interest rates of around 2%.

Remittance Services at Wholesale Rates

To make this platform more holistic, we allow our clients to perform remittance transactions. In fact, our rates are way better than local banks. The best part is we do not have any markups, which helps you save a lot on cross-border transactions.

Volopay vs Expensify - A Snapshot

Complete control over your budgets
Unlimited cards
Virtual cards
Budgeting and control
Cashback and rewards on spends
Low FX Rates

Reinvent the way your company spends

You get real-time insights whenever a spend is incurred, thus increasing transparency into your business expenses. Plus, now you never have to process reimbursements.
Unlike Expensify, you can distribute employees their own individual Volopay cards. You can create temporary virtual cards to feed certain timely projects.
With lowest transaction rates, and rewards and cashback on every spend on your Volopay cards, you just save a lot than Expensify!
Create specific budgets according to the card holder and requirements. Whatever be the requirements, set budgets for individual tasks or group tasks!
When it's time to reconcile and report expenses, Volopay integrates smoothly with your accounting tools to keep your books up to date and accurate.
With Volopay, you get the flexibility of managing all your recurring payments for online subscriptions, and that too on a single dashboard!
Volopay app is intuitive—even beautiful—by design, with a user-friendly interface. And it functions the same, no matter the device.
Pay your domestic & international bills faster With Volopay cards, plus you get to save more on FX Transactions!
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