Easily manage office and administrative expenses

Volopay gives you complete control over your company's operational spending.
Simplest way to pay G&A costs
Single-use virtual cards
Anyone in your team can pay online with secure single-use virtual cards. And finance has a real-time view of office spending with every expense logged against the right person and team.
Automated receipt fetching
Chasing after receipts and invoices is certainly not what office managers are hired for. Volopay automates this process by letting each employee upload their own receipts on the spot with our very handy mobile app.
Tools to manage administrative spending
Prepaid expense cards
Prepaid cards are the perfect tool to let team members spend when they need, without the risk that comes with a full corporate card.
Store documents digitally
Each invoice is uploaded to Volopay as a PDF or JPG file and saved for as long as you need it. No more lost paper invoices, and no need to go hunting through your email inbox to find electronic copies.
Invoice processing
Forget all the manual data entry. Volopay lets you process and pay invoices in a few seconds, without sacrificing security or clear financial reporting.
Real-time budget oversight
Track all your team's expenses in one place, the moment each purchase is made. More control and security than expense reports and company cards.
Expense reports on auto-pilot
We'd like to completely remove expense reports altogether. Simply upload a picture of your receipt and we'll auto-match the category and budget.
Explore ways to use Volopay
Effortless subscription
Save time and money by managing all your subscriptions in one place. Pause or delete a card at any time, and stop paying for your past employees' subscriptions!
Switch to smart, trackable spending